The Story of Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Starting this month, I will be a regular contributor at Black Perspectives, the blog for the African American Intellectual History Society (AAIHS). My first post for the year is “The Story of Black Colleges and Universities,” a review of the new documentary Tell Them We Are Rising, which premiers nationally February 19 on PBS. There will be a Twitter chat on the night of the broadcast under the hashtag #HBCURising. Follow @HBCURising on Twitter for more details. And make sure to subscribe to Black Perspectives and follow AAIHS to see all the excellent public scholarship that AAIHS is producing.


Dark Reflections Redux


Back in 2007 I reviewed Samuel R. Delany’s Dark Reflections for the GC Advocate. Dark Reflections went out of print later that year when it’s publisher, Carroll & Graf, was acquired by another company and then dissolved, which turns out to be an oddly relevant development for a novel about the precarious nature of publishing and the writing life. Thankfully, Dover Books has released an updated and revised edition of Dark Reflections in 2016.  I decided to write about this new version of the novel from the perspective of race and literary awards for The New Inquiry.

if you haven’t seen it, I also recommend Matthew Cheney’s extensive review essay on Dark Reflections in LA Review of Books.