Children of the People

Contributors to The Children of the People at The CUNY Graduate Center, September 15, 2022.

I am proud to be included in a newly published anthology of writings by CUNY students and faculty on race and social justice.

The Children of the People: Writings by and about CUNY Students on Race and Social Justice, edited by Rose M. Kim, Grace M. Cho, and Robin McGinty, is now available from DIO Press.

My contribution is a reprint of my essay on Audre Lorde, “Dear Sister Outsider.”

Back on September 15, 2022 I attended the book launch at the CUNY Graduate Center. This event page by the Center for the Humanities includes a full video of the reading, and more photographs from the event.

EDIT: I also meant to add this link to a recent podcast with some contributors to the volume. I will try to add more links about The Children of the People to this post as I find them.

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