Using Ralph Ellison to Concern-Troll Black Students

Photo via The Independent

Photo via The Independent

I’ve just published a new piece on Warscapes, “Using Ralph Ellison to Concern-Troll Black Students.”  It’s partly a response to this op-ed in the LA Times, and also a remembrance of Jerry Gafio Watts, an Ellison scholar, CUNY Graduate Center professor, and world-class rancoteur, who passed away last week. (Read this piece by GC alum Sam Han for more on Watts and his legacy.)

Dry Bones Breathe: On Henry Dumas (in Italian)


Back in August, shortly after my essay on Henry Dumas appeared in The New Inquiry, I received an email from an editor inquiring about translating it into Italian.  Here is the result in the link below. Grazie a Simone Orsello e per la traduzione!

“Respirate, aride ossa: profilo di Henry Dumas”