Nova (and more) by Centipede Press

It feels a little weird to post about a new book that is already out of print. But this volume deserves mention here, and I am grateful that I was able to play a small role in it.   

I was invited by Centipede Press and Chip Delany to write an introduction to Nova for this special hardcover edition of the classic 1968 space opera. The edition features the full text of Nova by Samuel R. Delany (and tarot cards by Russell FitzGerald), an introduction by yours truly, and illustrations by Piotr Jabloński. There are only 300 copies of this edition, each of them numbered and signed by all three of us, and they all sold out pretty quickly.  

However, there are regular copies of Nova readily available in paperback and e-book (via the author’s website).

Back in March I took a trip to Philly to do a virtual event with Chip (more about that in another post) where I signed the last of the Nova signature pages. (Chip took the following two photos.)

This unboxing video by a Centipede Press fan shows just how beautifully crafted this volume is:

I feel less weird posting about this now because there is another Chip Delany volume just out from Centipede. This gorgeous edition of Babel-17 and Empire Star has the two short novels published together, a tribute to the “Ace Double” format. It features an introduction by Lonely Christopher, and artwork by Vikki Zhang.

Here’s another unboxing video, by a different Centipede fan, which shows this amazing volume.

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