Follow up

Given the nature of my last post, I thought this little bit of follow-up was in order.  I received this from my Mom yesterday:

Hi Son,  Just a note to let you know that I received your announcement…I will be calling and writing to you soon.  You did a superb job in writing that article…you are an excellent writer, indeed.

I cannot speak for anyone but myself at this time, but I want to assure you that my love for you, my son, will always remain the same.  You are 34 years old now and all of your life you have been the ‘perfect’ son. You have given us so many proud moments and for this I am so grateful to call you my son.  As a mother, very few things surprise me about my children.  I have wanted to talk to you, ‘one on one’ about your personal life, but could not find the opportunity to do so.  I understand a lot more than you think and I accept you for who you are.  Your article was an “eye opener’ for me, for you brought out so many truths.  Thank you son for opening up your heart to us.  Look for a call soon.

I love you with my all my heart and soul and nothing will ever change that. Thank you, son.

Your Mama, with love.

So that’s what it’s all about, kids.

I also want to thank all the friends who have sent supportive messages over the weekend. It feels good to know that there are people in your corner.  I know that other people out there may be struggling just as I have.  Maybe seeing this will awaken the possibilities in someone else’s life, just as seeing the testimony of others did in mine.

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