Anything can give up its life…

So much reading to do. So much writing to do. My brain is throbbing. I’m in the process of putting some things together though. After a week spent updating some walking tour material, I am back to making headway on the dissertation. Some new articles are in the works and will be posted by the end of this week.

In the meantime…a poem from Sun Ra: The Immeasurable Equation: The Collected Poetry and Prose

Anything can give up its life
Why don’t you give up your death?
Why don’t you do something different
Something that was never done before?
So that the universe will know you’re here?
So you can stand and speak to the universe
And say “Here I am!
I am just like you:
Endless, Immeasurable, Eternal, Impossible”

The universe has shown you the way

Go out and look at the stars
They’re always around
Go out and look at the sky
It’s always there
Go out and look at the sun
In the morning
It’s always here.
Why do you have to go?
Why should you leave the stars
And the sun and the moon
And the universe all alone?

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