Destination Harlem TV

Destination Harlem TV is now online!  I will be appearing on the show as the history segment host.  In this first episode I give some background on the early history of Manhattan and Harlem, with much more to come in the next episode. You can watch the first episode and all future episodes at

“Destination Harlem TV showcases the wonderful people and places that make Harlem what it is today as well as the history that is shaping its future. Episodes will showcase several aspects of Harlem such as Dining, Nightlife, Interviews, History and Community.”

Check it out, and enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Destination Harlem TV

    • Thanks for your comment! I hope you enjoy the show. I learned quite a bit from the other segments too. Check out the page for more info and to keep up with the next episodes.

  1. I watched and your segment was OUTSTANDING!!!!!!! Informative as heck and even at my older age I learned some new things. looking forward to future episodes!

    • Thank you! I appreciate the compliment. And I’m glad to hear that you found the segment informative. We’re going to be covering a lot more historic sites in Harlem. Thanks for watching.

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