“Message from Albert Ayler”

“The music I bring to you is of a different dimension in my life.  I hope you will like this record. Through meditation, dreams and visions I have been made a universal man through the power of The Creator who made us all.  The music I have played in the past I know I have played in another place at a different time.  And I was sent once again to give the people of Earth a spiritual message.  The message I bring to you is one of spiritual love, peace, and understanding.  We must restore universal harmony.  Everybody is only thinking of themself, a selfish ego.  We must have love for each other and our fellow man.  Woe, woe unto the false prophet that prophesizes out of his own heart.  This is a sin against the Lord. We must understand this.  We must get ourselves together soon because there will be nothing left.  Pray to the Lord, repent, pray again, and repent.  Please do that, for your sake.”

[From the track “New Grass/Message from Albert Ayler” on the album New Grass]

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